Welcome to Hon Discovery Group

Welcome to Hon Discovery Group

Located in downtown Honolulu, we provide Hawaii law firms and corporate legal departments with a full range of eDiscovery, litigation, and trial support services.

Founded in 2010 to serve legal professionals, we leverage our experiences in high stakes litigation to provide the most effective and cost-efficient processes to manage cases requiring anything from computer forensics to trial presentations.

  • Developed and supported the first “web based” Discovery Review System
  • Collected, reviewed and supported federal trials for 2 of the largest Anti Trust Cases – DRAM and TFT-LCD
  • Responsible for the preservation, collection and management of law firm data for 2 of the largest Law Firm Bankruptcies
  • 2009 and 2010 – AMLAW’s Trial of the Year – DOJ v Swanson
  • Successfully supported hundreds of trials in Hawaii State and Federal Courts.

eDiscovery Consulting

Managing, reviewing, and producing email can be burdensome (and costly). HON Discovery uses state-of-the-art technologies to search, view, and produce electronic data. Our Honolulu-based eDiscovery Consultants assist law firms in everything from document requests, to data preservation and collection. Then, we'll help you present your findings to win your case.

Our objective is to provide an efficient, cost-effective process for managing ESI.


Listed below are brief descriptions of our services. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can tailor a model to meet your specific needs.

Forensic Data Collections

Using leading forensic technologies, our professionals can assist you identify, secure and collect from all potentially relevant data sources:

  • Physical or logical forensic imaging of PCs, Networks, Cell Phones and Tablets
  • Active and Archived Email data collections and analysis
  • Targeted collections of ESI
  • Collections from Social Media

Document Review

HON Discovery provides eDiscovery and managed legal document services to help you process, code, analyze, host and review electronic data.

Using Relativity or Nextpoint, we currently manage over 50 cases here in Hawaii:

  • Both Relativity and Nextpoint are “hosted” solutions, so you would only need internet access.
  • There is no hardware or software purchase required.
  • Contract is on a month to month basis, based on the size of your dataset

For law firms, managing their own document review, we assist you develop relevance, privileged and issues review workflow. We teach and support you on the use of email threading, near duplicate identification and crafting key word searches to expedite review.

For law firms needing our assistance to perform document review, located in Honolulu, our document review team is comprised of lawyers, educators and law students. Managed by dedicated project managers, our document review team, assists the attorneys focus on the legal issues by conducting first pass relevance and privileged review

Trial Presentation Services

Our Trial Presentation Design Team is experienced in computer graphics, animation and graphical timelines to provide trial teams with well-crafted and persuasive demonstratives. Trained in the widely used Trial Presentation Systems, Sanction® and Trial Director 360®, our Honolulu-based Courtroom Trial Technicians provide you the highest level of support through all phases of trial.