Trial Presentation Services

Trial Presentation Services

Present your findings the right way

Even after data is collected, not all courtrooms are equipped to present them. Our Trial Presentation specialists are trained in a variety of trial presentation systems, including Trial Director®, Sanction®, Visio (Timelines) and Adobe Creative Suite (Demonstratives).

Our team can work inside the law firm to immediately design and create digital presentations and then in the courtroom to display and present that evidence at trial.

Courtroom Demonstratives

Graphic Designers assist you in developing and producing high impact, easy to understand courtroom demonstrative evidence:

  • Graphic Design
  • Timelines
  • 3-D Computer Animation

Multi-media Design

Video Editors use broadcast quality video production and editing systems to provide you powerful and compelling video presentations:

  • Video Productions
  • Video Conversion
  • Video Editing (creating video clips from deposition or trial transcripts)

Court Room Set Up

Trial Consultants support law firms with the most current digital equipment:

  • Trial Laptops
  • High Definition Monitors
  • Audio Systems
  • VGA Splitters and Switches
  • Interactive Smart Boards

Courtroom Trial Technicians

Our Experienced Trial Technicians provide you the highest level of support through all phases of trial:

  • Our Trial Technicians live here in Honolulu
  • Sanction® or Trial Director 360® to display Exhibits
  • Nextpoint® Trial Exhibit and Deposition Database