Computer Forensics in Honolulu, HI

Computer Forensics in Honolulu, HI

As Access Data Certified Examiners, we use FTK®, the industry’s only forensic solution to fully leverage multi-thread/multi-core computers to help investigators collect and find relevant evidence faster.

  • PCs, Networks, Cloud Computing
  • Active and Archived Email
  • Cell phones and Mobile Devices
  • Social Media

Targeted collection strategies

Where byte-level forensic imaging collects all of the data from a particular storage device, targeted collections are designed to collect specific data. Using forensically sound processes, targeted collection strategies can avoid the over collection of data, saving time and money.

Review & Analysis

Using Access Data’s Quin-C Collaborative, we provide easy to read reports for the most complex cases. Quin-C utilizes advanced analytics and artificial intelligence that enables clients to quickly sift through high volumes of data.